The Cornerstone Family of Companies has been serving the North Country for over a decade.
The Name You Know And Trust

In 2005, Cornerstone Services Plumbing Heating and Cooling started as a very small company in DJ Colbert’s basement. With a strong emphasis on service and excellence, Cornerstone Services quickly grew in size. As the company increased in size, two things became clear: a new office was needed and the company was going to encompass several different areas of business. In 2011, Cornerstone Services moved into a building at 32 South Main Street in Norwood that had nearly been condemned. While continuing to build the company, Cornerstone also gutted, fully renovated, and brought the building back to its former glory. This paved the way for Cornerstone’s expanding business profile.

With some existing rental properties in the Norwood area, Cornerstone Properties began with buying dilapidated buildings and renovating them back into beautiful spaces for home and business. In partnership with NYSERDA, Cornerstone Energy Services started with the vision of helping our customers save energy and, in turn, their hard-earned money. Most recently, Cornerstone Services Construction Division has risen up as a reliable and focused company that works with their customers on every step of a project from dream to design to build. The Cornerstone Family of Companies also expanded into Franklin County, with an office in Malone, in 2013 and has plans to expand into Plattsburgh in 2018.